Competence in a changing world.

We stand for (I) Individual (P) Personnel consulting and have been a competent partner in all matters of personnel and consulting since 2002. We work throughout Germany - specializing in North Rhine-Westphalia - on behalf of companies, educational institutions and authorities.

Personnel development

Consultation, Training, Coaching, Supervision of executives and employees


Demand determination, development, realization, analysis of vocational qualifications

Institut IP – Personnel development in Nordrhein Westfalen

Our aim
Ensuring success for your company is at the heart of our commitment. It is not formulated concepts and preconceived trainings that form the core of our developmental cognizance, but rather the human being with his individual competencies, his professional knowledge and his personality, set in the context of his corporate goals. Needs analysis or individual preliminary discussions form the basis of what we offer.

Our methodology
Experienced and professional staff with a pragmatic and work-oriented approach ensures our training quality and its immediate implementation.

Our clients
Our clients come from all sectors of business life - from industry, as well as from the trade and services sectors and the education and government sectors.

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